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John Wooley

Creator and thinker of sweaty ideas

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there lived a guy named John. John thought he was pretty fit, until he discovered what fit really was.  His journey to discover a strange universe with an odd culture of health crazed individuals has uncovered new life and new civilizations. MWGA boldly goes where no man or woman should ever want to go. #totallyoriginal

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Makewodsgreatagain2 hours ago

What do you do immediately after winning the CrossFit Games? You pack it all up and travel with the fittest team on YouTube to Peru. Switch over to YT and check out Team Richeys Vlog on their trip with Shane and Tia. You won't be...

Makewodsgreatagain4 hours ago

It's coming. I have a fifth sense. It's like I have espn or something... #crossfit #satire #memes #fairuse #muscleup #wod #crossfitgirls #crossfitgames #gymnastics #fitness

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