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John Wooley

Creator and thinker of sweaty ideas

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there lived a guy named John. John thought he was pretty fit, until he discovered what fit really was.  His journey to discover a strange universe with an odd culture of health crazed individuals has uncovered new life and new civilizations. MWGA boldly goes where no man or woman should ever want to go. #totallyoriginal

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Makewodsgreatagain3 hours ago

Niki and I had some fun this week taking questions from you guys...

MAKE PODS GREAT AGAIN - Episode 36: Questions from fans and meeting CrossFit athletes
In this episode, Niki and I read questions from fans of my Instagram page @makewodsgreatagain as well as tell stories about times we met CrossFit Games athle...
Makewodsgreatagain5 hours ago

Here's a fun episode for you. Now that the Open is over, Niki and I took some time to answer questions from fans of the page @makewodsgreatagain and to tell some stories of the athletes we've met along the way. #podcast...

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